7. Januar 2014

Get Ready For School With Shorty ! Picture Edition !

Get ready for school with Shorty (Shorty Favourites!) 

#5: Evernote App 
Iphone: Evernote App 
Android: Evernote App

#6: Springpad 
Iphone: Springpad App
Android: Springpad App

#7: Manhattan - "My Box eyeshadow" 
At Manhattan cosmetic stand are the "My Box eyeshadow" to find! 
Alternative: Manhattan Eyeshadow

#8: Small box for girls stuff (space for mini brushes, "My Box eyeshadow" pallets and so on) 

#11: p2 - Beauty rebel powder & sponge duo (limited edition!)

#12: Tode Bag

I wish you all a wonderful start to the school!

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